Time to Learn From The Millennial Leaders: What & Why?

I think a lot has been said about the millennial employee. With changing global business environment a lot of Millennials are taking on leadership positions across the world. Generational companies like Facebook, Pinterest and Airbnb (run by millennial leaders) have not only created new marketplaces, but are great examples of the modern innovative thinking. Millennials are bringing in a change to the entire business ecosystem.

It’s interesting to understand the way they function, their mind-sets and operating patterns. What is that we can learn from them to create successful teams and be great leaders? According to a study by PWC, Millennials will make up a large 50% of the workforce by 2020. Let’s look at some of the key traits which we can apply in creating a new age workforce:

Upright Restless: Yes, Millennial leaders are the best examples of being “impatient”, though in a good way. They always have something up their sleeves, constantly on-the-go personality type. They are consistently striving hard to understand their team & customer needs and work towards it in an upright way. Hence, the best of millennial leaders are the most edgy ones.

Keeping a tab: Staying up-to-date and keeping track of major happenings is one of the key characteristics of every millennial leader. In today’s dynamic time, millennial leaders serve as examples because they listen to the changing trends and their teams. Millennial leaders know how essential it is to be focussed all the time to the latest changes.

Collaborate: Millennial leaders are collaborative in their approach. In their eyes, age is not a consideration. They are willing to work across generations by bridging the gaps and identifying the values of what people bring to the table. Getting people together under one roof for resolving issues, creating a better future for the organizations, customers, and communities is what millennial leaders do well. A collaborative leader can resolve a lot more than what a dominant or an aristocrat leader will ever do and millennials know this.

Empathetic: Only a person who has the art of understanding the other person’s situation can make a good leader. Millennial leaders are following this to a great extent. Empathising with your team mates and trying to understand the suitable approach to get into or out of a situation is what we witness when we see such idols. They’re subtle, pay attention to details and use such techniques for the best use on the ground.

Focus on Humility: One is easily tricked into being egoistic and self-centred when they know they’re doing really well and situations are always in their favour as far as leadership skills are concerned. Millennial leaders are unlike this. They’re humble and modest with their behaviour and interactions with their teams or other people too. They’ve strong roots and know it’s always good to stay with their head high and their feet on the ground.

In short, Millennials with such leadership attributes are here to stay and act as examples of strong personalities who will always end up bring out the best in their teams for their advantage and progress.

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