2020: the year that was!


Documenting the good times

When we stepped into 2020, little did we know what awaited us. Be it living life virtually, wearing masks all the time or even staying at home more than necessary…we’ve done it all! Particularly for me, this year seemed to drag for an exceedingly long time as I am used to being on the move all the time. For a person who used to be in the airport 9 times in a month to not stepping into the airport for the last 9 months, I have come a long way.

While we’ve pondered and whined about 2020, there is no denying that there were good times. Here are a few positives that I feel wouldn’t have happened if not for COVID-19. I could bucket them under 6 R’s.


COVID-19 and year 2020 ensured that those of us who really needed this could finally manage to get some personal time. Being forced to stay at home meant that I could certainly get some time for myself. In fact, personal time can help us better handle our emotions and experiences much better.

This year, I have often had the time to sit down and reflect on so many things that I do, a realization that at times they were just activities leading up to nothing important. Just force of habit I reckon! I have got some clarity now … I have also realized that slowing down is not so bad and I can handle it.


I found time to clean up all my cupboards, throw away unnecessary stuff. Sift through old unwanted things, reorganize my home, my work etc. Things I would have never been able to do had things been normal.

One of my biggest achievements during this time was also managing to get the streets around my house, which had become a garbage dump, cleaned up and maintained. This was achieved with close collaboration with BBMP, security guards in the neighborhood and cameras. We managed to convert a garbage dump to a clean street with plants and trees.


This year, particularly as things started to open up post lockdown, I have used time to take up several renovation projects around the house that I had put off for a long time. This includes even doing small things for myself like focusing on my health and personal projects too.

Cooking is a skill which I had acquired during my college days in the USA. I have used this time to expand my culinary skills and added several traditional dishes to my repertoire. I am sure all of you have some story to share where you have either picked up a new skill or a hobby.


Thanks to the lockdowns and time spent at home, I have been able to exercise more and even plan my fitness routines. I wake up at 6 am almost everyday, which was unheard of pre-COVID-19. I’m sure it’s not only me, but I see how many people have improved their fitness regimes in the last year.

During our busy lives, we often tend to forget to look around us. The neighborhood I grew up in was always alien to me as I was mostly out traveling. Walking around my neighborhood is not something that I have done much in the past. However, this year helped me explore the area more. Now I know these interesting nooks and corners in my neighborhood and guess what? I also realized that I live in an amazing neighborhood…something I’ve overlooked for a while unintentionally.


Growing up in a big extended family ensured that I had people around me all the time. This included many cousins, aunts, and uncles too. However, my busy lifestyle had made me grow distant from them over the years. During this period, I have been able to revive some of those relationships and spend quality time. My trips to some small towns in our state has helped me with re-establishing many of these relationships too.

While walking around the neighborhood, another interesting thing that happened was meeting people. I met some pleasant people during my walks. The lockdown meant that we all had some time in our hands and so we would stop and say hi and talk to each other and reconnect with some childhood friends. Our normal lives never allowed us this luxury of time. The society that we live in is quite interesting, if you look closely.


Last but not the least, we got some much-needed family time thanks to COVID-19. These times helped a lot with bonding with my children and in some ways even helped with solidifying the relationships. With home schooling and online classes, be it taking a short holiday someplace or just being stuck with each other at home, we had ample opportunity to get to know each other better. The evening walks with my daughter or watching a show at the end the day with my son all seem like fond memories of 2020.

The year has now come to an end and we have many expectations from 2021. Here’s to new beginnings and lessons learnt!

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